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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.6/5
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Not the cheapest one! yet the best ! The customer service is super good, someone from telegram help me step by step to set the trading bot

Tina Schrupp
Not the cheapest one

NapBots is an extraordinary platform! It’s basically an algorithm that trades for you, making good entries for your crypto and catching the market trends.

Karim Belkadi
karim's opinion

The bot is super duper easy to use! no bugs, loads of strategies, I would definitely recommended!

Othmane Machrouh
The bot is super duper easy to use

I had some configuration probs with my bot, problem solved in less than 30 min The efficiency of the bots are realy impressive Well done, Napbots

Frederic Bellicourt
Incredible fast answer to the mails

It’s my day to day to trade cryptocurrencies with the robots it works really smooth and clear.

Thomas Fay
It's my day to day to trade…

I’m a professional trader and generally is excellent for trading help alternative

Juan Jony
I'm a professional trader and generally…

Continually tuning and listing into the community they appear to accept thoughts and constantly glad to give assistance if necessary. No other trading platforms have this approach even you can find the CEO talking in their telegram channel. Just things I might want extra are an improved application for the mobile and the capacity to have a bigger market place of robot.

Naili Bouakka
Continually tuning and listing into the…

I strongly advise using NapBots, I’ve been using it for some time now and its performance and features are astonishing, they truly help you to set up your bot and learn something about trading, making it as simple as possible. The allocation between various strategies is my preferred component because it lets you diversify and minimize risk.

I strongly advise using NapBots

Excellent ROI, really easy to use BUT It doesn’t take profits. You have to manually and close on Binance.com If they change this, I will give it 5 STARS !

Salermon Buganza
Excellent ROI, really easy to use BUT

Tengo un gran amigo en Venezuela que me quiso llevar a conocer algunas de las playas del lugar donde vive en su embarcación, lamentablemente no pudimos hacerlo, ya que al momento de ir a la marina su navío había tenido un desperfecto en uno de sus motores. No obstante, ya con las ganas a montón que teníamos de ir a la playa optamos por el uso de esta plataforma.

Tengo un gran amigo en Venezuela que me…

I really love the platform, the performing strategies they offer and everything but I think the service is quite expensive that why Im giving them a 3 star rate. Please make the service cheaper!

giving them a 3 star rate

Getting the program set fully operational is a bit tedious, but once is done you can choose the top performing strategies to diversify. I have been trading cryptos for some time now, and this is a great tool to remove human emotion from your trading. I’m in profit, not midblowing one but I must said that the bot does a good work and 100% automated. ( at the beginning I have set to simulator mode haha) when I saw that was making good money, I bough my subscription. There is soo much undiscovered potential in this product!

so much undiscovered potential!

Strategies no where else to be find on the market! Great support team!! Thumbs up for the CEO Stephane Ifrah, and the community manager Sergio Gonzalez!

Strategies no where else to be find on…

AAt the beginning some bugs bothered me but they were not a huge list of bugs and they have been fixing it really fast. Ideally they will resolve all the problems or issues that will happen in the future. Utilize this instrument with precaution as some strats can make you rich but as well lose some money!

Could be a fantastic instrument for traders !

NO PROBLEMS only profit! They give amazing help to their bot, however strategies and choosing the winners strategies are up to you, so DYOR. Super responsive customer service and have suggested more than once!!

Jay Howell
NO PROBLEMS only profit

They recently relaunch their product and now they have a pretty cool interface that allow us, users, to select from their library of trading bots. I really like the idea of being able to use strategies designed by experience people and making my own mix. Then my money work 24/24 7/7.I will have to wait a little bit longer to see whether their strategies are performing like they claim have in the past. So I might update my review then. I have also been in contact with their customer service and they are quite reactive. Not all the trading bot providers are this reactive from my experience.

Trade like a pro !!!

I had astonishing returns with hourly strategies during the last month. But since the crypto market is very volatile, you should expect to see losses from time to time due to the strong drawdown on some strategies. If you’re not ready for that I don’t advise you to get into crypto trading in the first place.

I had astonishing returns with hourly…

It works !Symply, a nice bot and very reactive team to support this service.

Laurent G
It works !Symply

Brilliant client support, I had a few issues which where solved by Support – immediately solved, proficient and well disposed.

Patrick Waters
Brilliant client support

Amazing fast responsive support, staff is hyper available with a Telegram channel.

Amazing fast responsive support

Awesome automated crypto trading bots!!! I definitely recommend it!! they have new funding + volume strategies that are performing amazingly!

Awesome automated crypto trading…

Serious and experienced team behind this project, always available to answer the questions. And Made in France !

Great team !