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Made by Data Scientists

Who We Are

NapBots is a trademark of Napoleon Crypto Group. NapBots is a trading bot platform that designs profitable trading strategies and makes them available in a unique marketplace. It also provides automated execution for users on major crypto platforms such as Binance Future, BitMEX, Bitfinex, Kraken, Bitstamp, OKEx or Bitpanda Pro through API connection. Alongisde NapBots, Napoleon Crypto fully owns and operates, Napoleon AM, one of the first regulated asset managers in France that is dedicated to crypto solutions. Napoleon Crypto was launched by experienced quant traders who formerly managed several billion worth of assets under management at tier one financial groups.

We decided to build our unique marketplace around the following principles:

  1. Focus on the most liquid crypto currencies: BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, XRP, EOS and BNB
  2. Offering several trading horizons ranging from hourly to weekly.
  3. Offering long-only and long-short strategies
  4. Offering a combination of trend following and mean reversal strategies
  5. Providing uncorrelated strategies
  6. Delivering constant research and development that will help us to launch new strategies or improve existing ones.

We offre a diverse and unique marketplace that will enable our users to pick and choose strategies that fit

their trading style and market views. Our packages give you access to bundles of more or less sophisticated strategies. Inside your bundle, you can cherry pick any strategy or create your own combo. You can also rebalance your portfolio in just under 10 seconds for free, on your mobile phone.

The 20+ strategies that are already in our marketplace have been developed internally over the last three years by our experienced traders. We have a dedicated process to release a new strategy.

First, there is a strong focus on data quality and data sourcing. We mainly focus on price data. However, we have recently started to onboard additional data such as volumes or funding rates of derivative exchanges.

We then process this data using traditional techniques that allow us to detect trend or reversal patterns based on rolling fixed time windows. Once a configuration triggers a new buy or sell signal, we can then generate a buy or sell trade in case of a signal change.

This technique will automatically generate profit or stop loss events when a price pattern is invalidated. Instead of just being based on price, it is also based on time.

We have focused on our platform design to make your journey as easy as possible. You can start trading using our service in three easy steps:


  1. Connect your trading account to our platform with your API key. There are tutorials for each exchange to do that as they all have dedicated setup requirements. You can connect one account per exchange on our platform.
  2. Select your favorite strategy or create your own mix of strategies. Remember, this can be changed whenever you want in just 10 seconds, at no cost.
  3. Chose the appropriate pricing plan. We will automatically indicate the most appropriate to you. You can fine tune how much you want to trade at this step or later once you have started.

You are now ready to trade like a pro.




Arnaud Dartois

COO & Co-Founder

Jean-Charles Dudek

President & Co-founder